Tranquility Mausoleum

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Amid the abundant gardens and shimmering waters of St. Charles Memorial Gardens, our mausoleum options are set in a beautiful area for peaceful remembrance.  Interment in above-ground building areas allows families to visit their loved one, pause for a while, and quietly reflect on the times they shared.

Why choose a mausoleum?

  • Affordability
  • Prestige
  • Permanence
  • Dignity
  • Convenience for family visitation

We offer from private family options to garden mausoleums to estate mausoleums in our Garden of Tranquility and future gardens.

Our Garden of Tranquility offers:

  • Walking Paths & Floral Gardens
  • New Premium Burial Sections
  • Cremation Gardens & Columbaria
  • Benches & Unique Monuments
  • Family Estate Areas
  • Garden & Private Mausoleums
  • Private Reflection Areas

The mausoleum is a serene environment, a natural atmosphere for the ultimate form of honor and tribute.  Please call us or visit our office located at the lower level front entrance for complete information on all available choices.